Your Personal Productivity Master

The new HTC U Ultra phablet is turning heads with its attractive, stylish glass cover. But underneath its reflective hood, the HTC U Ultra also packs some serious power for those who regularly are on the move.

Liquid Surface Reflects Your Best U

First impressions count and with the new HTC U Ultra’s contoured liquid surface, you’re sure to draw oohs and aahs from your contemporaries thanks to the smartphone’s stunning reflections. Applying colour to glass without looking cheap can be tricky, so HTC used an entirely new process to bond colours to the glass in multiple layers so that it is able to reflect light beautifully. Its symmetrical construction is a perfect marriage of the durability of metal and the brilliance of glass.


If you’re worried about how well the HTC U Ultra’s display will fare under everyday wear-and-tear, despair not – its 5.7” display comes with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5, enabling the smartphone to survive shoulder-height drops onto hard, rough surfaces up to 80% of the time. Want even more protection? The HTC U Ultra Sapphire Edition comes with sapphire protected display, making it super resilient against everyday nicks and scratches.

U Take Control Of Your Notifications

When your work is constantly interrupted by the buzzing of birthday reminders from casual acquaintances, group chat messages from relatives, or even random alerts from certain apps, it can get a bit maddening. With Android Nougat on the HTC U Ultra, you now have even more control over your notifications.


The next time a notification appears, just long press on the notification and a few options will appear, allowing you to completely block such notifications or silence them. Want even more control? Go into the ‘Settings’ menu and select the ‘Sound & notification’ option to control how apps show you notifications.

U are a Multitasker Expert


In the past, only one app could be shown on your phone’s display at a time. Now, Android Nougat on the HTC U Ultra allows you to load two apps side-by-side just by long-pressing the Recent Apps button on the HTC U Ultra phablet (the icon which looks like a little square).


With the HTC U Ultra’s large 5.7” display and powerful mobile CPU, you can now stream a video while checking your email or even create a daily list while checking your calendar – all without any drops in performance.



U can Switch to a Second Language Anytime

You may regularly chat in English in your daily life but sometimes, you may need to switch up your language for your auntie and uncle or friends who don’t understand English. Now with the HTC U Ultra, it’s super easy to input text in multiple languages without having to reboot the phone in a different language.


Just go into Settings and add your preferred languages in the ‘Languages and Input’ section. Once you’ve install a second language (or third, if you’re multilingual) on your HTC U Ultra phablet, you’ll be able to change your input language when replying to messages.

Your Private and Business U in One Device

Nobody likes carrying around two separate devices for their personal and business numbers. HTC U Ultra Dual Nano Sim cards support makes it easy for you to keep your personal and business lives separate; you won’t ever need to reveal your personal contact to business clients.


Like to travel overseas? Then the HTC U Ultra’s Dual Nano Sim cards support will really come in handy. You won’t need to remove your existing main sim card; just swap in a local prepaid sim card to the available sim card slot and you’ll be able to make local calls without exorbitant roaming charges.

U and Your Friends Appear Above All Else

If one display on a phablet isn’t enough for you, then how about two? The HTC U Ultra comes with a Secondary Display, which is found right at the top of the main display. The Secondary Display highlights various useful information and notifications, as well as quick access to the system settings and your most used apps. You won’t have to scroll through pages of apps just to find the one that you need.